While we are largely a consulting and informational resource for growers in the greater Boulder/Denver area, the services we provide truly run the gamut.  As experts in nearly all things cannabis, Higher Thought provides the following services:

We strive to produce the highest quality work and services at an affordable price, and guarantee customer satisfaction.  While this industry has earned an unscrupulous reputation, we aim to be the exception.  Nothing matters more to us than getting the job done and exceeding expectations.  If our quality is anything less than world-class, we will make things right.

Terms & Disclaimer: We provide our services for anyone who is legally growing or using marijuana. If you are engaged in ANY illegal activities, we do not want your business.  You are responsible for knowing the laws applicable to you, and we do NOT give out legal advice or counsel of any kind.  We are also NOT interested in providing our services to growers who are breaking the law.  Each individual should be aware of the laws they must abide by if they choose to grow cannabis medically or recreationally in Colorado or elsewhere.